Would you like your work phone to ring so much that you can’t get any work done? How much easier would life be if you had a constant stream of customers constantly seeking your services? Thanks to Small Business Websites I am going to show you exactly how this is possible. We have literally created a step by step blueprint to online success.

Small business websites

I Know Why Your Business Hasn’t Been Successful Online Yet & It’s Not Your Fault.

Did you know that 95% of websites are a complete waste of money! Despite most small business web design companies telling you that they are ‘experts in Google’ or ‘You will have loads of traffic’. The reality is, they don’t know what they are doing!

95% of Websites Simply Don’t Work.

Most Small Business Websites are built by graphic designers who don’t know the first thing about traffic generation, website marketing or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Other small business website builders literally don’t know what they are doing.

And some business websites are made by web companies that are taking advantage of the business owners lack of knowledge.

So its no wonder that small business owners are finding it hard to succeed online and like I said, “it literally isn’t their fault!”.

We can even build websites insurance comparison websites like shopping sites like Woolworths.

Small business website

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To be honest it shouldn’t be hard at all. The problem is that a large percentage of so called ‘professional small business website design companies’, are letting you (the small business owner) down in a big way!

How Can You Guarantee That You Get What You Pay For When Buying a Small Business Website?

No one likes getting ripped off, and no one likes spending money on something that doesn’t work. Unfortunately this means that a lot of business owners simply put off getting a website made or, leave it in the “too hard” basket. This is very understandable and is exactly how I used to feel when I took my car to get serviced. I know nothing about cars (except that I own a white one) and I used to dread taking it to the mechanics, who I knew were ripping me off.

So when you are faced with this type of dilemma, you have 3 choices:

  1. Do nothing and keep getting ripped off.
  2. Get Educated (enough to know when something is wrong).
  3. Find a company that you REALLY trust.

Obviously the first option is a terrible one unless you are a masochist who loves spending more money than you should. Unfortunately too many small biz owners do exactly this, not because they want to get ripped off, but because they are too busy to even realise that there is something wrong.

The second option is great and unlike learning about motor-mechanics, learning the ‘basics’ about Good Website Creation and how Google works ,shouldn’t take you too long. You don’t have to spend hours doing this, just learn enough to know what questions to ask your small business web designer, even if you don’t know the right answers you can often tell by their response if they really know what they are doing.

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The third option is fantastic for a typical small business owner who doesn’t have time to scratch themselves BUT, there is a big problem. As we have said before trying to find a great small business web design company can give anyone a headache.

Questions Your Website Company Must Be Able To Answer

  • Ask to see PROOF! Proof of Designs, Proof of Rankings, Proof of Traffic, Proof of the difference that they have made to customers lives. Ask if you can contact some of their previous customers and give them a call to ask about their experience.
  • Make sure you have an actual conversation with them, don’t just email. Lots of Web Designers are basically computer nerds with little social skills. I don’t say this to be mean, I simply say this to warn you that unless you can have a normal conversation with your web designer, you’re in trouble. Make sure they can communicate well and explain their services in a ‘non-computer geek’ manner.
  • Look for guarantees and see if you can get performance levels incorporated into your contract or deal.
  • If you know the types of features you would like to have on your site, make sure you ask for examples, like an online payment shopping cart.
  • Finally, don’t’ get ripped off on small business website hosting prices or your domain names. These services should not cost much. So many web companies try to make huge profits from these extras.

In short, you need to choose the option you want to take. Are you going to put in a couple of hours of reading and learn some of the online basics, or are you going try and find a company that you can completely trust?

What Type of Results Can You Expect From A Good Website?

I’m here to tell you that all of the great things you have heard about the Internet are true. It’s just a matter of getting your website right! The Internet is literally the biggest store in the world and unlike real life shopping males actually love surfing the net just as much as women!

Lots of Targeted Customers = Huge Profits for Small Business Owners

Imagine if you are a Massage Parlor in Sydney and ranked number one in Google for the search term – Massage Sydney. People that type ‘massage Sydney’ into Google are looking for . . . you guessed it! A Massage Parlor. Have a think about how well this traffic is going to convert into calls, massages and most importantly more money for the small business owner?
Think about the best search term for your business – It might be ‘Dentist Melbourne’, ‘Yoga Sydney’, ‘Lawyer Perth’ or any other business/city combination. Imagine if every time someone typed this key phrase into Google, your small business website was right there waiting for them?

Business websites

Here is an example of a website that is literally dominating the Search Engine Results

Great Google Rankings for Your Main Key Phrases = More Time on The Beach For Small Business Owners

Imagine the difference in your life, if your business went from getting 10 calls a month to 10 calls per day? What would this mean for your stress levels? How much happier do you think you would be? Imagine all the doubters that thought you could never be successful with your small business – how good would it feel to prove them wrong and achieve all your small business goals?

Don’t Miss Out! Get Your Small Business Online Today!

I urge you not to let your business down. Create an incredible website that looks great, is easy to use and most importantly creates loads of new customers!
The opportunities for small business websites is literally unbelievable, so make sure you either get educated and don’t get ripped off by a web design company. Or, find a great website company that specialises in Small Business Websites and get online today.

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